It’s all about the cheese!!!


Looking for the perfect cheese…well, it’s like looking for the perfect man. Only with cheese. 🙂 One of the very few products that I’ve missed being away from my homeland is a sort of cheese only to be found in the Romanian mountains called “Branza de burduf in coaja de brad” – cheese in a fir tree bark. I remember once, driving in the middle of the night, on a dark road and dangerous serpentines just to buy this cheese.

So, once or twice a year I looked for the cheese on the internet. This year I finally had the pleasure to find the store in Vienna which understood my dairy needs.

Daniela Thaier-Pavel, the owner of the “Käseschatztruhe”-“The cheese treasure chest”, a real ‘cheese freak’ – as she calls herself, started this business after years of travelling to dairy farms where she tasted the local products and choose only the best variety. She gave up her job as a textile engineer and became a Cheese Sommelier. Almost 90% of the cheese sorts she sells are Austrian. The other ones are exquisite, rare and highly appraised assortments that she discovered in her journeys in Croatia, France and in Switzerland. She prides herself of personally knowing all the producers.

Only the best for my customers, she says. You will find in her store all kinds of dairy products: raw, unprocessed milk, bio products and an over 65 types of cheese. I tried out some very interesting sorts and found a lot of other motives to visit her again (besides my own favorite, of course) : “Bleu de Termignon”,  “Morbier AOC”, “ROBERTPAGET” and “Schwarzes Schaf”. 

For all of you out there who don’t enjoy buying your dairy products in bulk at the supermarket and prefer only the best selection, visit her store on the Kettenbrückengasse 10 and you surely will end up becoming a cheese freak too!

Andreea Goldgraber

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